About Rick DeStefane: Owner and President

Rick DeStefane firmly believes that vulnerable populations should have access to top-notch care, and has dedicated his career to ensuring just that. As a prominent leader and serial entrepreneur in the long-term healthcare management industry, DeStefane heads numerous businesses in the Midwest, including the well-established care network, Reliant Care Group LLC. With numerous locations throughout Missouri and over 4,000 employees, Reliant Care’s independent facilities empower over 2,500 residents struggling with acute mental, physical and behavioral conditions to live full, dignified, and well-adjusted lives.

Providing residents with high-quality care is a priority for Rick; his programs emphasize the importance of resident freedom and supportive environments, and his Reliant Care facilities make a point of welcoming patients who struggle to find care due to their severe mental, physical and behavioral conditions. For DeStefane, providing acceptance and care to underserved populations isn’t a goal for the future, but a philosophy to follow; this dedication to supportive care has underpinned Reliant Care’s success for over two decades.

Rick DeStefane’s first forays into entrepreneurship began when he was only ten years old. A budding businessman, Rick recognized that his neighborhood was in desperate need of a dedicated lawn mower — and quickly got to work filling the vacancy. From then on, Rick was hooked; his early experiences led to a lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and business. Today, Rick DeStefane seeks out untapped opportunities in the market with the same pragmatic curiosity he had as a child, looking for greater possibilities for growth in his industry.

His work doesn’t stop at finding those opportunities, however. Rick DeStefane continually strives to ensure that the businesses he fosters are optimally managed and that the employees he brings into his ventures are engaged in their work; he prides himself on his ability to provide the structure, training, and resources his employees need to thrive in the workplace. With formal undergraduate training in business management and political science, as well as an MBA from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, DeStefane is well-equipped to serve as an industry leader and organizer. His educational background has given him the tools to productively navigate both business and political circles; he communicates with members of the state legislature and federal government as part of his efforts to aid underserved populations.